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about plunt.co

We are a team of designers who are passionate about plants! We strongly believe in the positive impact of plants and we love to see how they beautify the environment we live in! And most of all, we’d like to share this love by making beautiful plants and planters affordable and accessible with likeminded plant-lovers and beginners. With this in mind, Plunt.co is born.

Over here, we believe not all plants and planters are created equal, which is why we only bring in they plants that we love and planters that we dig! Nothing short of what we want in our own homes. We hand-pick our plants from nurseries all over Singapore to make sure they are nice and healthy. We curate our range of planters and accessories to make sure they live up to the beauty of the plants and the aesthetics of the environment.

Plunt.co online store combines of our love for design and plants, into a user-friendly shopping site where you not only can select your plant, but also match it to the planter of your choice. What you see is as close to what you will get! No more nasty surprises with your planter being too big, or small for your plant when they arrive at your doorstep. All you need to do is to place your plant at the position of your choice and shower it with sunshine, water and love!

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