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Z Hego Pro (s) Japan Platycerium Mount, Black

Size: 129mm (w) x 149mm (h) & 10mm thick) 
Weight: 29grams
Material: 3D printed with Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) thermoplastic

‘Hego’ in Japanese refers to the Cyathea Spinulosa or Spiny Tree Fern from which natural ‘Hego’ boards are made of. These boards provide an excellent balance between water retention and air permeability and were once popular with Platycerium hobbyists in Japan. After years of testing countless permutations of mesh densities and patterns, the Z Hego Pro (s) was designed by @yohei1572 to replicate this balance – holding up to 20cc of water after being fully immersed in water, all of which evaporates within 24hours.

This intricate and beautifully designed mesh can only be achieved by 3D printing allowing your media to breathe in the humid SG climate, avoiding potential rotting.

The board is also intentionally minimalistic so one’s attention is fully focused on the beauty of the Platycerium. To achieve this, the Z Hego Pro (s) is extremely compact (129mm (w) x 149mm (h) & 10mm thick) and weighs only 29grams, allowing you to maximize your rack space.

But don’t let its size and weight fool you, the Z Hego Pro (s) is 3D printed with Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) thermoplastic most widely used in the automotive industry for optimal weather resistance and strength so you can hook multiple pieces together without worry.

To allow the board to sit flush against the wall when mounted, you can find integrated grooves on the back to hold your mounting lines in place and 4 pockets to hide the ‘head’/ case of the cable ties.

Available in black and white colours

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