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In what conditions will my plants arrive?

Happy and healthy is what we aim for! All our plants are handpicked by us from nurseries all over Singapore. We make sure that they are nice and healthy and if they don’t pass our standards, we won’t deliver them to you!

Do I have to repot my plants when they arrive?

If you have selected repotting service upon check-out, we would have changed into fresh soil for your plant in its new planter. So all you need is to place your plant in the spot you plan to keep it and let it acclimate to its new environment.

However, if you haven’t requested for repotting, you could still let your plant settle in for two weeks and decide if you would like to repot it yourself.

After two weeks, your plant has adjusted - your home’s light levels and temperature differ from a nursery - and you can pot it into its planter or another, if you choose. You might notice your plant’s planter is wider than the plant’s nursery pot. This space is for your plant to grow into, should you choose to repot it. But remember, this is optional: as long as your plant still has room to grow in its nursery grow pot, and looks happy and healthy, you don’t need to lift a finger!

For some, the mantra ‘plant care is self-care’ means the convenience of leaving it in the nursery grow pot and for others, it may mean getting your hands dirty to repot. Do what works best for you! Do not be afraid to try different methods for different plants.

Why do some planters not have drainage holes?

With planters that have a drainage hole, you can pot the plant directly into the planter with potting mix that is suitable for the plant. The drainage hole allows excess water to flow out, thereby reducing the risks of water retaining in the soil. This in turn, reduces the likelihood of root rot.

For planters without drainage holes, they are recommended to be used as decorative cachepot (pronounced “cash-po”). This means that the plant should be potted in another planter, such as a plastic nursery pot with drainage, and placed into the decorative cachepot.

Why does my plant appear different from the pictures shown in the website?

No two plants are alike, but we make sure that each plant that we deliver is in its optimal condition. Being live plants, there are always differences in terms of growth and size. We will do our best to match the size indicated in the description.

At times, you may find few holes and tears in the leaves of your plants, and those are perfectly normal. Afterall, they are living things and no living things are perfect! As for the occasional insects, they are also part of the living eco-system. In such circumstance, please contact us and we will guide you on how to remove them. We regret that such cases are not applicable for refunds and we seek your understanding.

In the rare event that you find the plant you receive differ greatly from the description, please contact us immediately at orders@plunt.co with pictures and description of the issues.

What if I am interested in large orders?

We’d like to first say thank you! And for large corporate orders 50 items and above, do contact us through email at hello@plunt.co.


Shipping Info

Where do you deliver?

We only deliver to Singapore addresses.

When can I expect my order to ship?

We expect orders to ship within 5 business days given current policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of our fulfilment team. 

What are your shipping rates?

As you can imagine, a lot goes into ensuring happy, healthy plants arrive at your door!  

Orders under $120:
- $12 flat shipping fee for Small & Medium Plants/ Planters
- $20 flat shipping fee for Large Plants/ Planters
- $40 flat shipping fee for X-Large Plants/ Planters

Orders above $120: Free Shipping

A $25 surcharge applies for deliveries to special locations including but not limited to:
- Sentosa
- Jurong Island
- Airport Zone
- PSA Port
- Shipyard

Orders for specific timing requests will be subjected to a surcharge of $25 to $50 per trip depending on the size and quantity of items. Please indicate in the remarks column if there is a need for such arrangement.

A $10/ flight of stairs surcharge applies to walkup apartments only, up to max of Level 5.


I have input the wrong delivery information, what should I do?

Please contact us with your order number and let us know immediately.

If the order has been shipped out, the customer will bear additional delivery charges and delay, if any.


Exchange and Return Policy

My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

Every plant and planter is fragile and the shipping process is not always kind (or easy). Most of the time we get it right, but sometimes we don’t. When that happens, we fix it – be it a damaged plant or planter due to shipping carrier mishandling. Please inspect your package when you receive your delivery.

Should your order arrive damaged, please contact us via orders@plunt.co (make sure to include photos) and we’ll get back to you in 3 business days. 

In the unlikely event a plant is received dead on arrival, it will always be replaced. If the plant is no longer available, we will work out a refund or replacement with another plant of a similar value.

For planter or accessories exchange, please contact us within 5 days from the date of purchase. 

*exchange not applicable to styled plants or plants that are repotted into the planter.