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Nutricote (400g) NPK-18-11-11

Nutricote™ 18-6-8 100 days with Micronutrients is a 100% controlled-release homogenous fertilizer that provides constant nourishment to your plants across a 100days* period.

A product of Japan, Nutricote™ features a proprietary resin coating technology that, upon contact with water, produces molecular passageways in a maze-like form within the resin coating. These passageways allow water to penetrate the granule to slowly dissolve the nutrients within and deliver the nutrients in a constant dosage over the stipulated 100days*.

Key Features:
18-6-8 100days formulation with Micronutrients ensure all rounded plant nutrition
Higher nitrate nitrogen percentage encourages faster and healthier new leaf growth
Perfect for green (non-variegated), leafy foliage plants (Philodendron Majestic, Anthurium Warocqueanum, Philodendron Joepii, Everfresh Tree - Pithecellobium Confertum)
High quality product of Japan – stringent QC to ensure granules are similarly sized for consistent nutrient release every time
Lasts an average of 2 months in Singapore climate, saving you time and money
Does not ‘flash release/ dump’ it’s nutrients during hot, humid and wet environmental conditions, protecting your plants from potentially deadly root burns
Nutrient release is unaffected by soil type and soil PH
Available in 200g, 380g and 1kg packs

General Dosage Guide:
Simply sprinkle Nutricote™ on top of your potting medium (around the plant) or mix it into your medium as desired
Minimum dosage (based on 6inch diameter round pot every 2months)
o Sensitive plants with delicate roots – 0.5-1tsp
o Hardy plants – 1.5-2 tsp



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