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Forest Mix - Original [5L]


The perfect blend of super airy and finest quality substrate that is suitable for plants of all sizes. Ideal for epiphytic plants from Monstera, Philodendron, Anthurium, Alocasia, Orchids, and most types of indoor and outdoor plants.

Our most popular potting mix is made from fresh New Zealand Pinus Radiata Bark blended with mediterranean volcanic pumice for structure, porosity, water, and nutrient retention.

Original (OG) and Ultra Chunky (UC) versions are inoculated with beneficial microbes and every essential organic ingredient a plant needs - from Kelp, Seaweed Extract, Humates, and full spectrum Plant Amino and Fulvic Acids to promote healthy plant growth and increase pest and disease resistance.

Every bag of Base is blended with Zeolite while the OG and UC is blended with Biochar to filter any impurities and prevent water and nutrient leaching.

High quality, crush resistant perlite  is added for aeration to provide valuable oxygen for plant roots. 

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