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Asparagus Retrofractus, Pom Pom Asparagus

Size : small

Nursery Pot Diameter: 12cm
Overall Plant Height Including Nursery Pot: 40 - 45cm

Need a pop of green? Easy-to-grow asparagus ferns are genial go-to plants that will thrive nearly anywhere. Asparagus fern is an evergreen perennial with upright or long, trailing branches covered with tiny, thin leaves, which give it a bushy, feathery, fluffy appearance. The plants can have small flowers or berries. Though it’s a wonderful addition to any indoor garden scape, beware of its concealed identity: It has sharp thorns and is toxic to dogs and cats.

Plant care

  • Full sun to bright indirect light
  • When top one inch of soil is dry
  • Pet Friendly
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