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Syngonium Macrophyllum

Size : small

ursery Pot Diameter: 11cm
Overall Plant Height Including Nursery Pot: 24cm

Syngonium macrophyllum is unusual for a syngonium. The leaf is much different than other species, usually having a bit of a rubber texture to it when mature. The foliage is also an odd color - more a green to glaucous in color. The flowers are a beautiful pink color. The sap of this plant is milky in appearance.

This beginner-friendly plant will tolerate low light conditions but will grow at a fast rate if you give it lots of bright indirect sunlight. Besides, this plant is very easy to propagate and has almost no pest issues. 

Plant care

  • Bright indirect light
  • When top one inch of soil is dry
  • Pet Friendly
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