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Sansevieria Masoniana Variegated (2 Leaf)

Size : small

Nursery Pot Diameter: 14cm
Overall Plant Height Including Nursery Pot: 34 - 38cm

For those who are looking for an even more unique snake plant, it’s well worth noting that you can also purchase the sansevieria masoniana variegated for an even more unique look. The leaves of this Sansevieria are characterised by their green and yellow stripes.It should be noted that, in general, variegated plants tend to grow at a slower rate than their non-variegated counterparts and that they also generally require a brighter and more light-filled position in the home as they can process chlorophyll at a lower rate.

Plant care

  • Bright indirect light to semi-shade
  • When soil is completely dry
  • Pet Friendly
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