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AMATERASLED 20W Barrel Plant Light

The top selling grow light in Japan is now available in Singapore. AMATERAS is a full spectrum plant grow light that emits wavelengths similar to sunlight. With a color rendering index of Ra96, amongst the highest in the industry, plants look beautiful as they are illuminated by sunlight.

Body color: Black
Color temperature: About 5900K
Color: Silver
Color Rendering Index: High Color Rendering Ra97
Blue LED 380 ~ 840nm: 18pcs

● Illuminance, photon flux density (when the irradiation distance is 40cm)

Illuminance: 18050lux
PPFD:406μmol m-2 s-1
Total luminous flux: 2098lm
Base: E26
Base: E26
Power consumption: 20W
Ow power: 20W
Rated life (h): 30000 hours
Rated life: 30000hours
* The rated life is a design value and not a guaranteed value.

● Dimensions

Overall length: 14cm
Outline:  12cm
Weight: 350g
Rated input current (mA): 159
Rated voltage (V): 100
Indoor: AC100V 50-60Hz
Recommended irradiation distance:  40cm ~ 150cm

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